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Shenzhen Huali Global International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is a non-vessel carrier certified by the China Air Transport Association as a Class I freight forwarding company and a Ministry of Communications. Since its inception, relying on the support of our customers and the joint efforts of all colleagues, Huali has developed into a modern logistics enterprise with multiple business models including air transport, sea freight, truck flights, sea and air transport and multimodal transport...



Bringing together more than 30 industry stable services
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  • Pick up the goods

    Pick up the goods

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    Customs declaration

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    Domestic transport

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    Shipping abroad

  • Dangerous goods transportation

    Dangerous goods transportation



01 Airfreight service

Air is the core of vander-waalsforces business as an authenticated by the China air transport association (a level a freight transportation company (PaiZhaoHao: ZN31602), we...


02 Maritime Service

Is the foundation of vander-waalsforces business of shipping We are approved by the ministry of transportation NVOCC, NVOCC NO. : MOC - NV06537. The male...


03 Truck flight

Truck-airline vander-waalsforces is the unique advantages of resources via deep and Hong Kong customs every day of the green channel (free artificial declaration, inspection) through the two places, can effectively the whole...

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